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Swanson Reed
Web Site:
Category: Tax Negotiation and Representation
Location: Texas - Dallas, United States

United States

Swanson Reed is a team of qualified and certified public accountants, engineers and PhD qualified chemists and biochemists, which manages all facets of R&D tax credit claims. We have our ...

Sameer Somani Professional Corporation
Web Site:
Category: Firms\Accountants
Location: Alberta - Calgary, Canada


Many services are offered for convenience, timeliness, and consistency, all at an affordable price. These services include bookkeeping, payroll, gst return preparation. Financial statement preparation. Corporate tax return preparation, tax ...

Scott Partners Chartered Accountants
Web Site:
Category: Firms\Accountants
Location: Malvern East, Vic, Australia


Life is complicated enough without having to worry about your taxes, workcover, payroll tax, superannuation or all the other bureaucratic red tape that stops you from getting on with doing ...

OC Asset Management
Web Site:
Category: Firms\Accountants
Location: Irvine, Ca, United States

United States

OC Asset Management is a financial advisor that serves clients all over Orange County and Southern California. We are your premier Financial Advisor Irvine Stock Broker Financial Planner ...

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