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Top Six Reasons Why Insurance Premiums Keep Increasing All The Time and How To Solve It

5th December, 2017

HOUSTON - December 05, 2017 -- For individuals that have been using insurance of any kind, such as life, home or auto insurance, there is a good chance that you have already received a renewal bill in the mail saying that insurance rates have gone up or are going to increase. After getting the bill, has anyone wondered what causes insurance premiums to go up the way they do?

There may be a number of different reasons that cause insurance premium rates to go up. These factors may vary according to the type of insurance a person subscribes to, but some of these factors are influential on almost all types of insurance policies out there.

Six of the top most reasons why insurance premiums keep on increasing all the time are discussed below to give a general overview of the factors involved.


The location of the insured has a strong impact on the premium rates of the insurance policies they have been using. For example, city drivers tend to pay more than rural drivers. Why? Itís easy, itís a numbers game, the more vehicles in an area the more chances of a driver being involved in an auto accident.

People living in the same locality normally share similar risk profiles. This happens due to a number of factors, such as cultural aversion, shared climate, unavailability of healthy food when applied to health policies, and other similar issues. Thatís the reason why insurance premium rates for people residing at a certain location may be higher than those residing somewhere else.


When the insured person has a long history of filed claims, their insurance premiums tend to increase as there is a good chance that they might make another claim in the near future. Insurance providers usually look into the claims made by the insured person over the last seven years in order to figure out a pattern according to which they compute the appropriate amount of insurance premiums.


When applying for an insurance policy, the providers carry out an analysis of a credit score in addition to other things. This is done to determine the credit risk and to review someoneís ability of paying bills on time. In case where there is a low credit score on record, insurance premiums might increase. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to keep a consistent eye on the credit scores in order to avoid any unwanted situations to appear on a report.


In reference to life insurance the premiums for younger people are much lower than those of older ones. However, if there is a need, people will still buy an insurance policy regardless of age or condition.

According to a general trend, married people tend to be healthier and live longer in comparison to single people. Thatís the reason why the auto insurance premiums usually drop in rate after marriage.

Health obviously plays an important role on the health insurance premiums. Some of these insurance policies can require applicants to complete a through medical exam questionnaire before officially signing up. People with good health get lower insurance premiums in comparison to those with some sort of health issues.


The length of the insurance also causes an impact on the premium rates of an insurance policy. In addition to this, majority of the insurance providers usually charge more money to people who do not have any prior insurance policies on their record. For instance, most of the states in the US require vehicle operators to get insurance before driving a vehicle. Yet, some drivers take the risk and drive without no insurance anyways. In these cases where a driver doesnít have any prior insurance, the auto insurers penalize them by charging additional money for a policy.


Another deciding factor involved in insurance premium rates going up is the profit or loss experienced by the insurance company. In case the company suffered any financial loss, there is a good chance that it may impact the policy holder as well because their insurance premiumsí will be increased as a result of a carriers loss. Unfortunately, rates never seem to decrease when a company is profitable.

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