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Heading towards the retirement and worried about your future savings? Purchase an annuity that could bolster your retirement financial plan. It would guarantee you a safe and secure future with sufficient monthly income for a specified period or all through your life as per the plan you opt for. But, before you consider buying, gather all the information related to annuities and make a right move.

Annuity1 is an online resource for complete information on types of annuities, provides reliable Annuity calculator and free annuity quotes and lot more. As we know, to meet individual preferences a wide assortment of annuities are available in the market ranging from Immediate Annuity to Variable Annuity to Fixed Annuity, to name a few. Each Annuity type has its own benefits and loopholes, varying based on the issuer terms and conditions. Here, you can learn in detail about basics of annuities and various annuity types.

Description: Annuity - Structured Settlement, Fixed - Compare Annuities for Your Future Savings!
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