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Finance Acceleration Agrees with Charlie Mungerís Four Investment Tips

9th June, 2013

New York, NY - June 09, 2013 -- offers its reaction to the report, Robert Shiller: The American Dream Is A Fallacy, posted by Forbes Magazine online on June 5, 2013. believes in the American Dream and agrees with Charlie Mungerís investing tips that will help investors achieve financial goals.

Of Charlie Mungerís Four Investing Tips Finance Acceleration added the following:

1. The most important thing to remember is to spend less than you make. Munger states that one should always save something. It may not be much to start, but over time it will begin to pay off. It is simple arithmetic. Finance Acceleration agrees with Mungerís advice which will improve the chances of retiring comfortably.

2. Avoid Credit Card Debt- Finance Acceleration agrees that it is hard to invest if an individual is trying to pay off credit card debt. It is difficult to invest when one is paying 10 to 20 percent on credit cards. This strategy is sound advice. Most investments only yield 8 percent and, unless one is a professional investor, it is difficult to experience long term yields that are higher than credit card rates.

3. Look at a stock as owning a business- notes that when purchasing a stock, an investor needs to consider its cash-flow. Only purchase a stock when it is a good buy and there is a clear advantage.

4. Financial freedom is wonderful. Munger states, "There are worse situations than drowning in cash and sitting, sitting, sitting. I remember when I wasn't awash in cash -- and I don't want to go back." Finance Acceleration agrees with Munger and advises young people to start investing today. Financial help is available for people interested in securing future stability.

Charlie Munger graduated Harvard Law School in 1948. He is an American businessman who currently serves as the Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. He was the chairman of Wesco Financial Corporation until 2011. reacts to the news that the American Dream is a fallacy. Finance Acceleration offers its evaluation of Charlie Mungerís investing advice that can help individuals achieve the American Dream.

About Finance Acceleration:
Finance Acceleration strives to help investors reach their financial goals and offers outstanding advice for beginners.

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