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Stock Market Investing is a financial research organization formed in 2000. Our mission is to de-mystify the investment process by developing a single, unified approach applicable to virtually all investment instruments which identifies opportunities for significant profit potential.

Our research into the history of the stock market over the last century has led us to conclude:

1. Profitability from short term trading is hard to sustain over long periods of time; the more you trade, the less you make.
2. While there is a repetitive aspect to market behavior, there is sufficient variance to make consistent predictions of future price targets virtually impossible. As such, forecasting is not synonymous with profits.
3. Markets can remain imponderable for longer than one can remain solvent.
4. Yesterday's winners are not necessarily tomorrow's winners. That applies both to stocks and fund managers.
5. The markets take money from the many and distribute it amongst the few.

Description: Stock Market Investing Insights via Artificial Intelligence
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Category: Research and Analysis\Investment Models
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