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Oracle Unveils World-Class Management Solution for Unbreakable Linux Users

26th January, 2007

Furthering its commitment to make Linux better for users, Oracle today introduced Oracle(R) Management Pack for Linux, an enterprise-class, Linux management solution for Oracle Unbreakable Linux users. Based on Oracle's management solution -- Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g -- the Oracle Management Pack for Linux provides Oracle Unbreakable Linux support program customers with comprehensive Linux server lifecycle management, helping to reduce the complexity and cost of managing their Linux operating system environments.

"Today's announcement reinforces our commitment to deliver better Linux support and manageability at lower prices," said Wim Coekaerts, vice president of Linux engineering, Oracle. "The Oracle Unbreakable Linux support program now features the industry's most comprehensive Linux management solution, at no additional cost to users. Drawing upon our wealth of application and systems management expertise, we offer our customers a single, integrated solution that is unmatched by other Linux support providers."

Comprehensive Solution Improves Support, Simplifies Management, Lowers Costs

Launched in October 2006, Oracle Unbreakable Linux is a support program that provides enterprises with industry-leading global support for Linux at a lower cost than existing Linux support offerings. With the Oracle Management Pack for Linux, the Oracle Unbreakable Linux program now offers system and application administrators the tools for provisioning, patching, monitoring, and administering Linux servers independently or in the context of their application environments.

Unlike other Linux management offerings that require the purchase and integration of multiple tools, Oracle Unbreakable Linux customers can manage their Linux servers and the applications and databases they host using a single, integrated solution. The integrated capabilities provide users with a complete, real-time view of their Linux environments, enabling increased operational efficiency and reduced downtime and associated costs. Specifically, the Oracle Management Pack for Linux delivers:

-- Linux Provisioning -- Automated bare metal provisioning and delta provisioning using a centralized Software Library;
-- Linux Operating System Patching -- Lights-out and ad hoc patching of Linux systems integrated with the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network;
-- Server Configuration Management -- Collect and search configuration information, compare for hardware, OS and package differences;
-- Configuration Policy Compliance Management -- Proactive notification and remediation recommendations for policy-based configuration violations;
-- Server Monitoring -- Out-of-box, real-time and historical fault and performance monitoring, including: alert generation and notifications, automated response actions, and planned outages;
-- Server Administration -- Centralized Linux server administration for functions critical to managing Linux application and database environments, including system services and network setup;
-- Centralized OS Job Management -- Capabilities to define and schedule OS jobs centrally to execute on individual servers or across multiple servers, eliminating the need to manage cron jobs on numerous individual servers independently; and,
-- Manage Many-As-One -- Provision, patch, configure and monitor many systems as a group, permitting "lights-out" automation and real-time management of large numbers of servers; retention of historical data permits group trend analysis and reporting.

Additionally the Oracle Management Pack for Linux augments and benefits from the broader top-down application management functionality available in Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g. With Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Systems functionality, a group of Linux servers can be combined into a single, specialized group with other application service components to permit holistic performance and health monitoring, including automated root-cause analysis, at the application service level. Using these rich Linux management tools along with the complete Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g product set, customers can take advantage of enterprise-scale service level management, automated change and configuration management, and comprehensive system and application performance management.

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