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Ampol Telecom

Ampol Telecom is a division of Ampol Holdings Inc. incorporated in the state of Illinois. We are a telecommunication broker. As a broker we identify the best values available and make them available to our customers. You will find more expensive rates and you may find less expensive rates, but we offer some of the lowest rates in the quality class. How do we do this? By minimizing our marketing costs (most new customers are referred to us by existing customers) and by extending our services to selected customers. We want to stay a small company with great products.

Major carriers keep their own rates high and sell overcapacity using independent resellers. This is where Ampol Telecom comes in. We scoop the marketplace for the best values and pass savings to you. You may pay twice as much with a major carrier not realizing that your call is going on the same circuits. It's like sitting next to a person who paid much less for the same airplane flight. Our business model is simple: we broker overcapacity of major US carriers*.

Lowest long distance rates: dial around, phone cardsTo get more information on calling rates click the rates tab. For instructions on how to sign to any of the services we recommend click 1+, Dial Around, or Calling Cards. To become an agent click Affiliate Program.

Description: International calling cards and dial around long distance. Low phone rates
  International calling cards and dial around long distance. Low phone rates
Category: Strategy and Forecasting\Guidance
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