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LinkWorth Releases New and Innovative Marketing Products

1st June, 2005

With click fraud cases and customer insecurity, people are beginning to turn towards more orthodox methods of online marketing. Search engine placement has become the necessity and LinkWorth is just the company that provides the desired results with Billboard Link Ads and Rotating Keyword Ads. June 1, 2005 -- Small to medium to even large businesses are benefiting from the newest technology in contextual advertising called Billboard Link Ads. Moving away from placing small and often hidden text links on partnering websites, LinkWorth has developed the newest of products that allows an advertiser the ability to create an entire page of content which is hosted by LinkWorth partners. The hosted content links make any and all links relevant to their own website and allows the advertiser to talk as much about their product as they wish. Advertisers can even place up to ten (10) hyperlinks within their content which points back to their website. The Billboard Link Ads are reviewed and monitored on a daily basis by the LinkWorth servers which give advertisers the comfort of knowing their advertisements remain in tact. With up to 100,000 words allowed on each Billboard, an advertiser is assured space to explain his product or service. Basic html is allowed on each page giving advertisers ability to stylize the page to their taste. For more information on this product, go to Another new product announced by LinkWorth is the Rotating Keyword Ads. Advertisers are often torn between which keywords to show on a particular website, but with the Rotating Keyword Ads, there is no more settling for just one keyword. Add your arsenal of keywords to one ad and let them all be shown. The technology allows a unique keyword or key phrase to be displayed each time the page is loaded. All Rotating Keyword Ad code works to only show static html ensuring proper indexing of the advertiserís hyperlink. There is no more wondering if a better keyword would provide more traffic. Both of these products are available to LinkWorth Advertisers. If you are not advertising with LinkWorth, visit and read more. If you have questions, visit the help desk at . LinkWorth, a RX Consulting, LLC subsidiary, has been in business since January, 2004. The proprietary software has proven to become a one stop shop for individual advertisers, all the way up to large online advertising agencies. SEO professionals find the technology the best in its field allowing them to manage all of their clients with one single login.

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