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Independent Musicians Merge for Successful Collaborations in 2005 and 2006

3rd June, 2005

Phoenix, AZ June 3, 2005 -- Paradice Music began as the personal music label of Louis Lamp in March of 2004. Paradice Music is now involved in promoting works from Jimmy Caterine, Louis Lamp and Michael Jordet. Why the merger? Do it yourself artists often trade music-making time to do their own promotion, distribution, or any of a half dozen other tasks. There is a point where doing it yourself ceases to be feasible, and adding more members to the mix becomes essential for success. Musical Chemist Publishing (BMI) was opened in 2002 by long time BMI affiliate Jimmy Caterine. Originally a home for Caterine and Sacred Rite band mate, Peter Crane's solo work has since taken on other artists. Jimmy Caterine has 25 years experience with BMI thru Spandimeve Music (BMI), which he co-owns with the other members of Sacred Rite, Peter Crane and Mark Kaleiwahea. Previously, Musical Chemist Publishing (BMI) Caterine has worked with such bands as Tragic Nancy and Bastard Stepchild. Currently, they are publishing new works from Caterine as well as Louis Lamp and Mike Jordet. Caterine also formed an alliance with and in the promotional effort and has partnered with Makato's owner Mary Gilbert who is also a lyricist under Caterine's label. Gilbert had held back several works in the past and offers this public announcement: “Makato is a free entity that began in 1995 to promote independent musicians with free video footage and websites. I wanted a base of musicians and music related websites and so started the search engine at , which now is proving itself a great promotional tool for independent musicians. Caterine's page was erected in 2003; I had gotten a letter from Jimmy and began listening to his work. The classical elements of Cognition were flawless and inspirational; I had desired, at the time, to work more with Jimmy but was bogged down with pre-production and other free services that were being provided by Makato to other website owners. Caterine sent in the critically acclaimed Fear - Pain - Love to Makato in March 2005, after a telephone conversation with Jimmy sometime in February, I was propelled to re-open the website but needed a better server. Caterine since introduced Makato to Brad Ervin and who now hosts the website with unsurpassed service and 99.5% uptime! Mr. Ervin is also among the best sound producers in the world; his dedication to excellence has proven to be the best place for and! The lyrical collection I had written required access to the best musicians in the world; and experience tells you when you’re involved with the best of them. The Independent world is filled with credible and marvelous musicians, who are less than known because of an otherwise all too corporate and over commercialized media in our country. Makato’s original idea was to find the right musical elements to propel its own lyrics, plays and video conceptions in an independent manner. My lyrical expression has been the most cherished part of my being - the larger it became, the more importance came to protect it. But for publishing within composed music, I was looking for a detailed perfectionist, one whose music is in the forefront of all his convictions and Caterine was there. Jimmy Caterine in his own right is simply the finest musician I've ever worked with. His impeccable choice of musicians like Louis Lamp (violin) and Mike Jordet (piano) on the current project gives new light that Caterine will be shining like a diamond for years to come! Makato has kicked off an interview series with Jimmy Dee Caterine where he expresses a bit more about his current projects. Caterine possesses a charm and an almost cat-like intuition combined with solid business sense as a pioneer in the Independent industry; which Makato needed within it’s realm to move forward. In the short time since the alliance was formed with Caterine; the engine has doubled in size; the websites within the network are experiencing extremely high traffic and we have added to our European base with new areas to discover and room for expansion. Caterine is not only a positive networking force; but a motivating factor in my creative efforts as well! To sum it all up, the man is simply a genius and I could not find a better person to partner with!” Mary Gilbert Makato & Caterine Music also recently included to its network Russian Guitar virtuoso, singer, songwriter and composer Alexandre de Guise Lamarque, who is busy with his solo release entitled “Can’t be in Vain” and Live Concert (open air) DVD entitled “Live in Red Square Moscow 2004.” The Album is a collection of songs which stylistically, can be described as a tasteful blend of Mainstream melodic Rock, smart Pop, with an influence from Progressive Rock, elements of New Age and the vibes of Celtic Folk. All the songs were written, arranged and produced by Alexandre de Guise. Lamarque has collaborated with many artists and participated in a variety of projects in Europe and UK, among them: • ex-Gorky Park singer Nickolai Noskov (Russia) • Rock House (Germany) • Advice (Germany) • ex-Terence Trent D'Arby player Andy Whitmore (London, UK) • Never the Bride (London, UK) • The River Crows (Scotland, UK) • The Ringer (Scotland, UK) • Lyra Celtica (Scotland, UK) ...and many others. In 1994, Alexandre de Guise participated in a Charity Project International Artists Against Racism, led by British actress Vanessa Redgrave, along with some other leading musicians (Bono, Kris Kristofferson), theatre and TV stars from all over the world, visiting the cities of the former Yugoslavia (Zagreb, Belgrad, Split, Sarajevo), performing in theatres, Concert halls, Art centres and refugee camps. The visit had the full support of UNICEF Alexandre de Guise is currently working with Gilbert on the next Interview in Makato’s new interview series and it should be available for public viewing in June. Alexandre de Guise is Makato Artist of the Month April 2005 and is bringing a new European and Australian industry to the website; in his spare time corresponding with Gilbert and Caterine in a very unique and quite artistic independent networking situation. Makato’s owner Mary Gilbert is in collaboration with Jimmy Dee Caterine and has added to the 20 year collection of poetry, lyrics and screenplays titled “Twenty Years from a Modern Muse” as the girl who talked to music.” It includes a historical comedy she wrote about Lola Montez. Copyright 1995 Mary Kathryn Gilbert Todd. Two samples of Gilbert's lyrical poems, out of hundreds - chosen by and written specifically for Caterine will be posted in the Anniversary Issue of Space Junkies Magazine this month for anyone interested in taking a sneak peak into the solo projects scheduled for 2006. Makato encourages all independent musicians and music websites to join the search engine at , we are free and we are here to network with and benefit the entire independent music industry. Those interested in the independent music world may learn more by utilizing the links below.

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