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Gragg Advertising Acquires 10 New Clients, Expected to Grow 71 Percent by End of 2010

29th December, 2010

Gragg Advertising is growing at a rapid rate and it doesn't look like they are stopping any time soon. In 2010 alone, the company has acquired ten new clients, with the largest two expecting to generate over $3 million in sales.

Gragg Advertising's biggest full-service acquisition in 2010 is the American Career Institute, who is projecting to bill over $2 million in its first year. American Career Institute offers certification in career driven fields such as graphic design, oracle database administration and medical assisting. Gragg primarily provides ACI with online marketing strategies including a website redesign, search engine marketing and optimization services and the management of ACI's social media presence. The agency also manages ACI's traditional media, including the buying, planning and placement.

Another significant acquisition for Gragg Advertising is Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology (MIAT), with an expected billing of nearly $1 million. Gragg Advertising provides MIAT with both traditional advertising as well as online, interactive marketing.

Other large client acquisitions include Interactive Learning Systems, TechSkills, American School of Technology and Beaverton Crossfit; Gragg is providing each of these clients with an integrated marketing strategy based on their respective needs.

About Gragg Advertising

Gragg Advertising is a full-service, strategic advertising agency focusing on data-driven results and direct-response marketing. Gragg Advertising was established in 1992 by Greg Gragg and now employs over 60 people. Working with clients around the globe, Gragg Advertising focuses on providing a quantifiable return on investment for the marketing dollars of their clients. The agency combines traditional branding strategy with proven direct response marketing tactics in order to create advertising that is both memorable and measurable.

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