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CDR Fundraising Group Announces Infrastructure Expansion to Meet Demand for Integrated Marketing Services

8th July, 2011

BOWIE, Md., July 8, 2011 -- CDR Fundraising Group (CDRFG), an industry leader in fundraising and marketing for nonprofits, announces the expansion of its creative, strategy and analytic divisions to meet the growing client demand for CDRFG integrated fundraising services. There are more channels than ever before by which people get their information, communicate, respond and donate. CDRFG continues to be on the forefront on behalf of its clients to market and measure fundraising effectiveness over multiple channels.

CDRFG has doubled its office space to accommodate expanded staff specializing in monthly sustaining donors, direct response television (DRTV), management of inbound telemarketing, online acquisition and analytics. CDRFG clients such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Toys for Tots Foundation and Christian Appalachian Project have expanded their integrated marketing service offerings with the company in recent months.

"CDRFG has always prided itself on being a partner with our clients and working with them to evaluate the effectiveness of new fundraising techniques. For instance, CDRFG was a pioneer in cause marketing now raising tens of millions of dollars each year for CDRFG clients," said Geoff Peters, CEO of CDR Fundraising Group. "Most importantly we are providing our clients with analytic tools to evaluate the effectiveness of multi-channel marketing and their effect on our clients' fundraising."

Additionally, CDRFG has upgraded its technological platform to provide access for its employees to analytical and creative content anytime and from anywhere. Now that the company has moved to "cloud computing" and with 24/7 access to analytical data from its proprietary Agency Plus system, CDRFG is able to share more information with clients on a real-time basis.

Understanding the value redundancy, CDRFG has implemented an emergency response capability for critical systems. The CDRFG Emergency Data Response Platform (EDRP) includes redundant internet access through different providers and circuits and electrical generators powered by natural gas. A weather disturbance such as a blizzard or hurricane in the Washington DC/Maryland area won't stop CDRFG from servicing clients nationwide.

"CDRFG understands our clients need to be able to respond quickly for emergency appeals as a result of a natural disaster. With our new EDRP system, even if the Washington DC area is affected by this disaster, CDRFG will have the capabilities to get our clients fundraising appeals out within hours by e-mail and in less than 24 hours by postal mail," said Peters.

About CDR Fundraising Group

CDR Fundraising Group is based in Bowie, Maryland with more than 25 years servicing the nonprofit community. The company provides a full suite of fundraising services uniquely tailored to each of its nonprofit clients, including direct-mail, online marketing, list brokerage and management, corporate sponsorships, cause marketing, public relations, major-donor, international fundraising consulting and DRTV.

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