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Easy Mail Merge Gives Users the Power to Fully Personalize Email Campaigns

7th June, 2005

Bucharest, Romania June 7, 2005 -- DS Development has released version 1.1 of their mail merge software, Easy Mail Merge for Outlook, a time-saver Outlook add-in which adds a touch of personality to Outlook email campaigns by allowing users to quickly define mail merge scenarios. Easy Mail Merge for Outlook helps users to easily create and send personalized emails to a mailing list. Using the already familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook and a friendly mail merge wizard, the user can quickly import mail merge fields from various sources and deliver individual emails to a contacts list, being the perfect solution for any mail merge needs, such as personalizing email newsletters, business announcements, marketing emails or any other emails that need to be customized and individually sent to a large number of people. Although it is using Outlook interface to compose messages, Easy Mail Merge for Outlook does not require Microsoft Word for mail merging and it helps users to manage an email campaign by scheduling the start of the emailing, how many messages to be sent at once and how long to wait between each emailing. Easy Mail Merge helps the user to create mail merge sessions from various sources, such as Outlook Contacts, Outlook distribution lists or fields imported from external CSV files. Once imported, Easy Mail Merge can use these records for personalizing the email subject line and body content. To customize the email content for each receiver, the user can easily add simple merge labels or he can define complex scenarios using the Scenario Editor. To meet the demands of many Outlook users, Easy Mail Merge for Outlook allows users to define as many text scenarios as needed and each scenario can have unlimited cases. When the user finished editing the email, Easy Mail Merge for Outlook can preview the actual outgoing emails. When the emails are to be sent, Easy Mail Merge will generate individual Outbox emails. Easy Mail Merge works with any version of Microsoft Outlook, starting with Microsoft Office Outlook 2000. It installs itself as an Outlook add-in and it can be easily accessed from the Outlook Tools menu. Easy Mail Merge for Outlook passed the Microsoft VeriTest verification tests for the Windows Client and Microsoft Office Platform Test. Easy Mail Merge for Outlook is available directly from DS Development SRL. An electronic-only version with complete manual and tutorials costs $39.95 (US). Site licenses are available. Easy Mail Merge runs under Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0, Windows 2000, 2003 or XP, being supported by Microsoft Office Outlook 2000 or higher. Visit the DS Development home page at to download a fully-functional trial copy of Easy Mail Merge for Outlook. Founded in 1998, DS Development SRL produces email related software for Microsoft Windows. Press Resources are available on the Web, including electronic versions of product literature, screen shots and detailed product information. The direct link is Evaluation copy available on request. Please send a request for a license key to e-mail protected from spam bots and explain that you're in the process of reviewing our product - mention the publication please.

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