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Tom Hopkins and Oliver Maldonado are Collaborating Together Holding Seminars Around the Country

10th June, 2005

June 10, 2005 -- This year alone Oliver Maldonado has conducted over 60 speaking engagements around the Country. Some of the Companies he's conducted Sales Training Workshops for have been Wells Fargo, Countrywide, Remax, Century 21, Better Business Bureau (BBB), ABC (KAITk8), Metlife, Farmers Insurance, Allstate and Ethan Allan to name a few. Because Oliver has a mortgage background, many of his sales training workshops are with Mortgage and Real Estate Companies. These Complimentary 45 minute Sales Training Workshops are conducted during a Companies regularly scheduled sales meeting and have been proven to be very effective. Many Companies see an immediate increase in production & profit by 8-12%. "I love doing these sales training workshops for companies! Most are with smaller sized companies and it's nice to know I have successful systems that can have an immediate impact on their sales. It's great to have another perspective from an expert that actually comes directly to you." Said Oliver when asked about his workshops. Some of the systems Oliver goes over in his workshops start with his Direct mail System that generates an AMAZING 20-30% incoming phone call response. He also teaches how to recover and save 20% of all lost business and how to have a 100% referral business within 30 days. These systems and new technologies are simply amazing. "My systems and techniques are extremely successful. I have actual systems, techniques and forms that work. They'll help you work less and earn more. This isn't a hype session to get you exited to go out and work harder, but systems that get you exited because you'll work less and earn more, which is what most sales people want." Said Oliver. For more information on Oliver Maldonado's Sales Training Workshops visit For information on his Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign, visit: . Oliver Maldonado is also the Author of The Greatest Sales Book in the World, The Mortgage Book and the 10 Sales Commandments.

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