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New Email Marketing Campaign Resources for Better Email Deliverability and Email Bounce Management

12th June, 2005

June 12, 2005 - ActivSoftware ( ) recently published an article highlighting numerous email deliverability issues for marketing managers using standard, free, SMTP server software systems. The most significant feature set is the way the server handles email delivery differently from the standard SMTP email servers. The software is coded in Java and employs asynchronous routing core, or ARC, technology. This ensures the system is flexible and efficient, or what ActivSoftware has named, “eXtensible.” The system ensures bulk email campaigns do not offend major ISP’s, such as YAHOO, Hotmail, etc. Offensive acts include sending too many emails per connection, sending too many over a given period of time, attempting to resend bounces too often, and a plethora of other unintentional acts. The system also provides what ActivSoftware calls a “spam folder alert feature.” This feature will pause email campaigns when it senses that emails are getting delivered to a spam, or bulk, folder. From the Article: “Major ISP’s such as Yahoo and AOL sometimes place e-mails into a spam folder rather than the Inbox. You WILL, at some point in time, be identified as a spammer. No matter how careful you are, a competitor, a confused recipient or somebody will flag you as spammer. It might even be the email marketer using the same ESP, and IP addresses, in line ahead of you. One way to avoid this peril is to hold seed lists of email addresses so that you can monitor deliveries to the major ISP’s. Most ESP’s only have the ability to seed your list at the beginning and the end of the list. This does not give you the real-time ability to pause campaigns fix the problem, then continue the campaign.” It also increases the odds that emails will be read by connecting directly to your firms database to provide detailed and personalized messages. This provides specialized content by combining numerous pieces of business intelligence. The ActivSoftware email suite is available for download, as an ASP tool, or as a combination called a hybrid. The price is based on the number of emails per hour. About ActivSoftware Recently ActivSoftware launched a suite of eMail software tools. The enterprise-level, email application server, and list management system, bundle ensures email deliverability whether you’re conducting email campaigns or, in any way, using email for business communications. ( ) ActivSoftware was founded by four partners and continues as an employee owned and operated firm. ActivSoftware began building and marketing dynamic Web tools in the late nineties. They sold the first copy of ActivEdit in 1999 and continued to build dozens of server-side software tools for Web developers.

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